BRG Equestrian

  Training for Balance, Rhythm, and Greatness in Equestrian Sport. 

~Dragon Halters~
Made to train your dragon!

From Start...

 Young horses are my passion!

     I love to watch horses go from their first day of foundation training to their first ride. The transformation never ceases to amaze me and the partnership I get to form with them in their first few months of training is the reason I love the equestrian sport.

Natural Horsemanship

     I have yet to see the difference between natural horsemanship and good horsemanship. I have been privileged to learn from some exceptional horsemen and women who insisted upon understanding the way the horse sees and understands the world. I continue to use their principles in my own practice and have merged their ideas and my own with the principles of classical dressage.

to Finish.

Competitive partners are my goal!

     From their first ride to their first show I love the process. Nothing is more rewarding to me than watching the young horse develop over the years into an exceptional athlete and achieve their potential. I always feel privileged to be a part of their success.

Classical Dressage

It is my belief that all horses should be started with a rider experienced in proper dressage. Even if the horse is destined to be a reining horse or jumper, or even a trail horse, teaching them to carry their riders in good balance and good rhythm leads to greatness for their health and wellbeing at the least.

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